Instructions and Prices

HENNA TATTOOS in Los Angeles

 1. Do not smudge the henna paste while it is still wet. The henna paste  typically dries in one hour.
 2. Once the henna paste dries, leave the paste on for as long as possible  (2 – 4 hours). Let the paste fall off by itself. Once the paste starts falling off,  you may scrape it off using your palm or fingernails.

  3. Do not wet the henna tattoo for 24 hours. This will protect the stain.  
 4. The henna stain will be bright orange for a day or so and will then start  turning dark brown in 2 - 3 days.
 5. Henna tattoos will last between 1 – 3 weeks. Keeping the henna tattoo moisturized will prevent exfoliation. This help the henna tattoo last longer.
 6. It is okay to shower with your henna as long as you avoid  scrubbing the area.                                

  7. Avoid chlorinated water. Chlorine will beach your henna like magic!    Apply a water barrier such as cocoa butter, Shea butter, waterproof sun block or lip balm before going into chlorinated water. 


One henna artist.

1 hour = $150

1.5 hours = $195

2 hours = $235

2.5 hours = $275

3 hours = $325

3.5 hours $370

4 hours = $415


Add white henna for $10 per hour

Add a glitter tattoo asst. for $35 per hour

Add hair feathers for $10 per hour

Add face painting for $10 per hour

Add face painting bling for $25 per hour

Add a balloon twister for $75 per hour

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