Glitter Tattoos

Our beautiful & colorful Glitter Tattoos are a must-have for your event!

                      Top Ten Reasons to Have Glitter Tattoos at Your Event

1. Glitter tattoos dry immediately so there is no wait time (like henna tattoos)

2. They are waterproof so they last in the shower and are great for pool parties!

3. We have designs suitable for males and females of all ages. 

4. We have 30 colors to choose from so your guests can mix and match.

5. Glitter tattoos take 2 - 3 minutes per tattoo and we typically do 2 or 3 at once. 

6. You can customize your own tattoos with whatever names, logos or images you 

     choose. You can do the birthday kid's name or your logo for promotional events.

7. These tattoos last 3 - 5 days and can be removed with rubbing alcohol. 

8. Creative Faces has the largest glitter tattoo stencil selection in Southern California.

9. You can add an assistant to do glitter tattoos to any package for relatively cheap.

10. These tattoos are super popular with boys and girls, men and women, teens and 

     even babies who may not be ready for face painting just yet. And don't let the word

     "Glitter" fool you. We have masculine designs for every occasion. If we don't have 

      what you want, we can create it for you.    



1 hour = $135

1.5 hours = $185

2 hours = $225

2.5 hours = $265

3 hours = $305

3.5 hours = $345

4 hours = $385

Add a balloon twister for $75 per hour

Add a face painter for $75 per hour

Add face painting bling for $25 per hour

Add a 2nd glitter tattoo artist for $75 p/h

Customize Your Own Glitter Tattoo Designs



Send us your logo and we will create stencils for your event. 

Each designs is $20 and we will have enough stencils for each of your guests to get tattooed with your logo. 



Order stencils designed with the guest of honor's name and an image to match your party's theme. Kids love to see their names tattooed on their family and friends. Why not? Its temporary.  :)

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