Hardcore Airbrush Tats are All the Rave

These are not the airbrush tattoos of old. Our artists start with the theme that your guest chooses and then creates

airbrush tattoos that look so real we often get hired on film sets to decorate actors. These tattoos are waterproof, last up to seven days and can be removed with rubbing alcohol. Freestyle airbrush tattoos are very popular at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, H.S. events, company parties and any event where the guests are into edginess! 

Are these freestyle tattoos a little too extra for your guests? Fear not, we also provide the more traditional airbrush tattoos with colors and simpler designs. These are more suitable for the younger crowd. But, if you choose these tattoos for teens and adults over the realistic freestyle tattoos, your guests will think you are not as cool as the party host that had the bad-ass tattoos they all posted to Instagram.




(2 people)

1 hour = $235

1.5 hours = $285

2 hours = $335

2.5 hours = $385

3 hours = $435

3.5 hours = $485

4 hours = $535

Add a balloon twister for $75 per hour

Add a face painter for $75 per hour

Add face painting bling for $25 per hour

Add a henna tattoo artist for $75 per hour

Need Custom Designs?

We create custom tattoo designs. Please send us your  

artwork and we'll create designs that your guests can wear for a whole week. Great for promotional events. 

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